(Talk, Resource-Making) Are you Annotating or Comparing Digital Images in a CMS?

What have you used in your class or in your own research to annotate images or to compare images…that you recommend or reject? I’d like to create a public Zotero group, at a minimum, of recommended tools or plugins.

For those working with visual culture, we analyze images regularly. But, as has been noted in some of the conference’s digital history sessions, we all work with digital images at different stages of our research or teaching (which may actually be digitized documents). I think this session could be of interest to folks engaging in all types of history research or teaching.

I’m interested in ways that we can annotate, by highlighting or selecting portions of images, for annotating and/or linking those highlighted areas to other sources. I’d also like to make those annotated images easily available within a CMS like WordPress, for others to use or to annotate themselves.

Flickr lets you highlight and annotate, but only within Flickr. Thinglink is a service that lets you annotate and embed, and then anyone else can access those images for annotating or sharing themselves. Omeka even has a deprecated plugin, but it was somewhat limited in scope.

For my own project, I would like to be able to annotate images within WP + Comment Press. I imagine others have or might want to integrate a similar exercise within their blog or WP-powered syllabus.

If I’ve missed something big (which is very possible), please let me know in the comments.

For this session, I’d also be willing to test out some tools, plugins, or services that other participants know of and use and are interested in other feedback.

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About Sheila Brennan

Sheila is the Associate Director of Public Projects division of RRCHNM. She currently is the end user experience and testing coordinator for Omeka, co-lead of a mobile website telling the history of the National Mall, and has managed many digital projects, including the Hurricane Digital Memory Bank and Gulag: Many Days, Many Lives projects. Prior to coming to RRCHNM in 2005, she worked as the Director of Education and Public Programs at the U.S. Navy Museum in Washington, DC for seven years. She earned her Ph.D. in U.S. history at George Mason University in 2010. She writes and presents about online collecting, digital tools, postal history, and how museums use the web.

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