Dork Shorts URLs

Ashley Young, Duke University: Digital Tools Bootcamp

Cameron Blevins, Stanford University: Geography of the Past credits his colleague @jaheppler

Irene Meisel, CUNY Grad Center: online historical role-play with a Drupal site

Jeff Mummert, K-12 and ; gaming and education,

Joan Fragaszy Troyano, RR-CHNM: DHNow, Journal of Digital Humanities, Global Perspectives on Digital History

Lincoln Mullen, Brandeis University: The American Converts Database

NEH, represented by Jen Serventi and David Weinstein: Digital projects are supported by all divisions and by state and territorial humanities councils. Individual fellowships can support digital projects. Attend institutes. Talk to Program Officers.

Omeka, represented by Patrick Murray-John: Omeka 3.0 moves beyond the printed page in Exhibit Builder.

Robin Butterhof, Library of Congress: Chronicling America

Shane Landrum, Florida International University: Crowdsourced transcription for U.S.
women’s history using Children’s Bureau letters.

Sheila Brennan, RR-CHNM: Histories of the National Mall

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