Proposal: What sort of digital initiatives should the AHA be undertaking?

In my new role (both for me and for the organization) at the AHA I am tasked with thinking about how the AHA can use the digital environment to better serve our members, the discipline of history, and the historical profession. This is a process that involves creating resources, building services, and leveraging the great work being done in the digital realm across the discipline and on the open web. This should be an exchange between the association and its members (among others) and involve an ongoing dialogue.

I would like to hear from campers what they want from their learned society in the digital realm. How can we utilize the digital environment to better serve the historical profession in the ways they interact with the association, each other, their students, other scholars and the wider world?

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About Seth Denbo

I am a cultural historian of eighteenth-century England and have been working on digital humanities projects for several years now. I have a PhD from the University of Warwick and have taught and worked at the University of Sheffield, King's College London, and Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities. Having lived, studied and worked in the United Kingdom for most of the past 20 years, I am now living in the Washington DC area and working as the Director of Scholarly Communications and Digital Initiatives at the American Historical Association.