Omeka workshop prep!!

Hi all! If you are planning to play Omeka at my workshop, here’s a little more info and optional prep work.

We’ll be working from the most current version of Omeka, so if you haven’t looked at Omeka for a while, of if you’ve only looked at, there will be some major changes that you might be interested in.

And, in the same spirit of being cutting-edge, we’ll even look at the soon-to-be-released ExhibitBuilder 3.0 plugin, which is also a major overhaul.

We’ll work in this demo site, and you can register for an account here. I’ll give everyone admin privileges (play nice!), so if you have some images or documents or any other files you want to use during the hands-on time, please bring them along on your laptop.

Thanks! It’ll be a fun time!

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