(Talk) Session Proposal: Teaching digital-history research techniques with analog tools

When we’re in the classroom, we can’t guarantee that all of our students will have laptops (unless we bring them laptops or reserve a computer lab).

If we want to teach digital history techniques to our students as part of their classroom experiences, how do we balance these constraints against our unbounded digital-history optimism?

I have a blog post that outlines one technique (www.kalanicraig.com/teaching-digital-humanities-with-analog-tools-the-iliad-and-networks/), but I’d like to get a discussion/brainstorming session going to see how others are handling the question of digital access as part of a digital-history curriculum.

(P.S. Dear session organizer: I will not be available to lead the session until 1pm, so feel free to nix this session proposal if necessary.)

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I study conflict resolution in the early and central medieval period using a combination of digital approaches. Before that, I spent 10 years in high-tech in Southern California managing Web sites and the programmers and graphic designers who build those sites.